Safety is a top priority in any residential or commercial building. This is why toughened safety glass is often used for safety specific applications.

All Suburbs Glass repairs and replaces safety and security glass Perth wide. This type of glass is popular because of its strength and safety features. Toughened safety glass shatters into small pieces when broken, therefore making it a safer option than standard glass types. Safety and security glass is used in a wide range of applications, including:

Toughened Safety Glass Uses & Applications

Toughened safety glass is perfect for use in areas that are vulnerable to high impact. These areas include doors, glass side panels adjacent to doors and low-level glazing. At All Suburbs Glass we only use glass that meets Australian Standards. Because of this you can be sure that your replacement glass will be safe, reliable and durable.

Toughened glass is also often used for kitchen splashbacks because it can withstand intense heat.

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